Selected delegates from the United States, Canada, South America, Europe and Australia are invited to attend.

Anticipated clergy and delegates to be in attendance are from the following regions:

North America Archdiocese
Midwest & Chicago
District of Columbia
Pope Tawadros II
Los Angeles Metropolitan Serapion
Bishop Kyrillos
Bishop Abraham
Southern US Bishop Youssef
Virginia Bishop Michael
North Carolina, South Carolina and Kentucky Bishop Peter
Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland and West Virginia Bishop Karas
Ohio, Michigan, & Indiana Bishop Saraphim
New York & New England Bishop David
Mississauga, Vancouver, and Western Canada Bishop Meena
South America Brazil Bishop Aghathon
Bolivia Bishop Youssef
Australia Melbourne Bishop Suriel
Sydney Bishop Daniel
St. Shenouda Monastery, Sydney Bishop Daniel
Europe Midlands Bishop Missael
London Bishop Angaelos
Ireland, Scotland & NE England Bishop Antony

Delegate Demographics

From each area, 5 delegates These delegates should have an educational or professional background in the fields of education or religious studies. They will be assigned by each bishop as follows:

  1. Elder priest – at least 20 years of service
  2. Recent priest – at most 10 years of service
  3. Elder representative – a head of service living in the land of immigration for at least 30 years
  4. Youth representative – raised in the land of immigration
  5. Female representative – raised in the land of immigration