As communicated in the past, the seminar’s focus will be on Theological Education in the Lands of Immigration, and will consist of four lectures and five workshops.

The seminar is being held with this focus because of the modern challenges facing the ancient, conservative and traditional foundations of our Coptic Orthodox Church. The goal of the seminar is to cover the following with regard to Theological Education: Unified Sunday school and servants prep Curricula; Continuing Education for Clergy; Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy. The workshops shall be divided between these topics and will be discussed during the workshops in order to come up with recommendations for theological education in the lands of immigration. Each workshop shall be coordinated by one of the bishops along with other bishops and priests. Every bishop shall assign one delegate to each of the five workshops below.

The lecture areas of focus and associated lecturers are listed below:

Lecture No. Focus Lecturer
1 The Importance of Apostolic Teaching His Holiness Pope Tawadros II
2 A Historical Perspective of Theological Education His Grace Bishop Suriel
3 Theological Challenges His Eminence Metropolitan Serapion
4 Modern Methods of Teaching His Grace Bishop David

The workshop areas of focus and facilitators are listed below:

Workshop No. Focus Facilitating Questions Facilitators
1 Servants Prep & Curriculum What theological topics must servants learn?

Where does the church stand on specific modern heresies?

What plan might be implemented to establish a consolidated curriculum?

Bishop Angeleos

Bishop Daniel

Bishop Youssef (Bolivia)


2 Sunday School Curriculum What are some challenges to establishing a curriculum?

What are some solutions for those challenges?

What sort of plan might be implemented in the pursuit a consolidated theology-focused curriculum?

Bishop Youssef

Bishop Michael

Bishop Messaiel

3 Clergy Seminars (Continuing Education) What are some challenges to continuing Education?

How can we establish effective communication between seminaries?

What are some modern methods of teaching that could be applied to clergy seminars?

What would it take to establish an Accredited Coptic Seminary?

Bishop Suriel

Bishop Kyrillos

Bishop Karas

4 Orthopraxy & Orthodoxy What methods could be employed to ensure the right faith is delivered?

What are practical means to apply theology?

What resources are reliable for a strong background in Orthopraxy and Orthodoxy?

Metropolitan Sarapion

Bishop Meena

Bishop Seraphim

Bishop Antony

5 Establishing Families What curriculum is appropriate for marriage preparation?

What training is suitable for parents for introduction of the faith in early childhood?



Bishop Daniel

Bishop Abraham

Bishop Peter

A follow-up committee will be convened to establish a three-year plan and provide continuing reporting to the LOI conference committee.